Who is involved?

Please visit our board of members who are the advisory panel for the company. Our director is Dr.M. Paul Raj Shekar.

What is Academy for Clinical and Surgical Excellence (ACSE)?

Academy for Clinical and Surgical Excellence (ACSE), is a professionally managed and surgeon driven academic platform to impart the latest advancements in clinical and surgical specialties, beyond the super specialty education. ACSE, with its high level expert advisory group, has the vision to offer the most detailed and tailor-made curriculum in its courses, workshops and other educational offerings. We have tied up with many National and International medical associations, Universities, Research institutes and Industrial partners in our endeavour to offer the most up-to date advancements in the clinical and surgical fields. Our branded events will have courses, International fellowships, Cadaver workshops, camps related to Neuro and Spine surgery specialty. We are also working to launch Joints, Foot & Ankle, Pathology, CTVS, CriticalCare, Neuro specialities in the near future.

Who is the core team?

Eminent Medical Specialists, Surgeons and Educationists are part of our Core Advisory Team. Currently we are in a partnership with Sau Paulo University, Brazil and NSpine, Nottingham

What is Spine Boot Camp?

Boot camp is a regimented military style training, which has been translated to different areas of skills training. The methodology involves transfer of information, experience and wisdom from mentors to those seeking the unknown. This is not a replacement to a structured training program, but to add value and fill in the “gaps” that may exist in knowledge and specific details that may not always be attained during meetings, conferences, CME programs and cadaver or live surgery courses. This wealth of information has been put together by a group of experts, along with people in the Industry to enhance skills with precision and therefore achieve improved knowledge.

Are you a charitable trust?

No, we are a for profit educational organization currently.

Are you a part of any organization?

No, we are not part of any National or International society, college, university or committee. However, we work very closely with the above mentioned forums in the field of educational research

What is your disclaimer?

We are for profit educational organization and we plan in future to have a charitable component within the system to help educate professionals who may require financial help.

Are you a registered company?

Yes we are a registered company and our objectives is to offer advanced educational training in the areas of medical and surgical field which are latest, advanced and evidence based.

Registered address:
Academy for Clinical and Surgical Excellence
501, 5th floor, 90, Mansarovar Building,
Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019.