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ACSE’s Signature program. As spinal treatment methods and diagnosis progress, the need to improve our knowledge of spinal disease increases. Technological advances in treatment are growing in a very fast pace and we need to keep updating. The iSpine course is the first of its kind in India to provide a post graduate certification, in collaboration with several international spine departments and universities in the field of Spinal Disorder.. more

ACSE is proud to offer SPINE Boot camp which is a regimented military style training, which has been translated to different areas of skills training. The methodology involves transfer of information, experience and wisdom from mentors to those seeking the unknown. This is not a replacement to a structured training program, but to add value and fill in the “gaps” that may exist in knowledge and specific details that may not.. more

ACSE has partnered with national & international Cadaver Labs to impart wet lab hands on workshops in advanced techniques in spine surgery and in other specialties. ACSE’s Skills Hands on Cadaver course is designed with experienced faculties giving short and practical lectures on anatomy, surgical approaches and procedures, complications and salvage options in surgical techniques with majority of the time allotted to the hands on cadaver spine training.

ACSE has partnered with some of the best national & international research groups, medical associations, universities and sugical centers for imparting its courses, workshops, seminars and congresses to the young medical professionals. ACSE is actively involved in organizing partner events in India and abroad for mutual benefit in a transparent manner. ACSE has already partnered with globally reputed forums like, Nspine, UK and University of Sao Paulo, Brazil to organize events

ACSE belives in offering training in every possible manner in a meanngful way, which suits the young aspiring surgeons. With our wide network of training centers in USA, Pacific, Europe, Latin America and within India, we arrange tailor-made, personalised observerships and fellowships to medical and surgical specialties. Our specialties include, Spine, Neuro Surgery, Neurology, Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, Critical care, CTVS, Radiology and many more disciples to come.

Post operative rehabilitation is key to the success of any surgical treatment and a huge advancement has already taken place in rehabilitation techniques. ACSE’s physiotherapy speciality partnership will offer these most important part of our team members, some of the key training modules to enhance their rehab skills. ACSE will offer management skills training programs to other support staffs like academic coordinatiors, patient coordinators and to nursing staffs.

ACSE’s super expert board members drawn from different background will offer complete management services & expert support, meeting your specific business needs. Total Turnkey Solutions for congress, courses, symposium, meetings & professional social events will be offered. Comprehensive services & consultation on Program Management, Membership Management, Sponsorship Management, Branding Management & Governance Management is our expertise.

ACSE offers complete management solutions to the hospitals, universities, industry and associations to set up “Center of Excellence” within their facility. Our service offers the plans right from the blue print till the implementation of a speciality Center of Excellence. ACSE is specialized in centers for Spine, Neuro, Neurolgy, Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, Critical care, Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, Trauma care.. more

ACSE has vision of R&D in surgical specialties in partnership with various universities, industry, research groups, students & patient groups and with governmental departments. We plan to aggressively promote research culture within medical schools and universities in coordination with governments.

ACSE will be launching their newsletters soon which will cover the updates and latest trends in the clinical and surgical advancements in the treatment solutions across the world. Our expert team alongwith a host of ACSE Members will offer and share their experience in our periodical newsletters. We would also launch our support system to encourage medical professionals to publish their clinical work in National & International Journals.

ACSE has started with Spine, Neuro Surgery and Orthopedic speciality. But very soon we will also be expanding our teaching activities in other surgical specialities like, Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, Arauma, CTVS, Robotic Surgery, Laproscopic surgery, Anaesthesiology and more.

Medical and Surgical specialities complement each other and work together in offering the best treatment solutions to the patients. ACSE will also offer educational support to clinical specialities like, Critical Care, Pathology, Radiology, Oncology, Endocrinolgy amd more.